VWB/VSF Student Project: Ghana

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Wa, Ghana and the kids

Back in Ghana

So it May and I have been back in Ghana for a few weeks now:)
It has been great to see everyone again as they are now all like my family. The social culture here is so rich and I am constantly in trouble because I have not gone to say hello to so and so. I spent some time in Accra visiting the canadian consulate and our contact there and then came up to Wa, my favorite place in Ghana. The people here are so real and honest. Their values and ways of life I feel have not yet been tainted. The family units here are gigantic and family is the most important thing. Issues are presented to the fmaily and dealt with by the family. This time I am staying in a family compund in Nayiri. I am spending time with many of the elder women learning to do the regular chores, cook and other cultural customs. I have many african cloths now and am a "Walli po" a Walli woman now:) lol
The new students for the project arrived last week and they are doing very well so far. We got out to see the villages yesterday. It felt so good to see some of the villagers. I even had pictures for people and they were so happy to receive them. We will be meeting with two of the villages this Sunday and the girls will begin their work collecting the rest of the data for the proposal. Things are looking good! We are working with MOFA-Ministry of Food and Agricaulture-Veterinary department, ACDEP-the Assocaition of Church Development Projects who do a lot of work with rural agricultural and livestock/poultry projects and the University of Deveolopmental Studies-the Animal Science Department.
Dr. Hunter and Dr. Luginaah just left for Accra we had a busy but great week or so together here in Wa.
As for me I am so happy here in Ghana-I have definitely found a place I really enjoy and I hope this project will work out as it can really make a difference in a villager's life. It can mean food, school fees, hospital fees, etc.
Please read the new student's blogs and see how they are doing so far and what their perceptions are of Ghana!
Kirstin Jamie M