VWB/VSF Student Project: Ghana

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Village Meetings

I am absolutely loving the villages! We have meetings each morning at a different village and things have been going so well. The villagers are so friendly and helpful and our research is progressing. We have had some good submissions and have been busy with necropsies of the guuinea fowl and chickens. There are animals just everywhere here so I am in heaven. Tomorrow afternoon we are going to a rural local market so I may just come home with a new, very cute pygmy goat!! LOL We will be buying some birds from the market for sample submissions. Our work here is so interesting as the mortality is really unknown and farmers talk of losing all of their birds when this disease hits each year. They use the birds here to sell them or their eggs when they need money, for example, when a relative is in the hospital or they need school fees so their birds are very important to them! I sure hope we will be able to help.
I am off to hang out with some locals!
Ghana is great, the weather wonderful and the people so very kind.

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