VWB/VSF Student Project: Ghana

Wednesday, May 26, 2010


wow, the project is coming along quickly! Steve and I have a vehicle to use and have been driving..one thing...there are no maps! Also, no addresses and no street names! It makes things a bit challenging but the people are so helpful that you can stop and ask anyone. Driving here requires concentration with all the goats, sheep, chickens, motorbikes, bicycles and people all on the street, a horn is a necessity!
I have finally moved into my more permanent home and am quite happy, there is running water and a stove so I can cook! yippee! The landlord also said it is not a problem if I want to keep goats or sheep or chickens there. I could not be happier. Right next door is a little enclosed farm area and I feed the animals my vegetable and fruit scraps, there are also free range animals everywhere and some very cute pygmy goats!
The office is great, it is in the veterinary and agriculture complex and the clinic is just outside the window so when I see some animals coming in all we have to do is step out the door and we can partake in the activities.
As for the bird necropsies, we received 9 birds yesyerday and got samples from them all. It looks very promising. We have a meeting this friday in a village called Nator and will continue on with meetings the next week in the other villages.
All is well in Africa!

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