VWB/VSF Student Project: Ghana

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Week One


The last week has been a blur to say the least. I finally have some time to reflect on what we have accomplished in this short time. Dr. Hunter and Dr. Luginaah are only with us for a couple more days so this week has consisted of long hours trying to complete as much as possible. We have been meeting with existing contacts and forming new ones. It has been nothing short of amazing to be able to meet with government officials, directors of veterinary laboratories, and chairmen of other NGOs. The Ghanaian people have been extremely supportive in our endeavour and have gone to great lengths to help us. In one of our meetings a government minister gave praise to Canada and its people, explaining how much Canada's charitable donations have positively impacted his nation. I can say without a doubt this was my proudest moment as a Canadian citizen.
We also made our initial visits to each of the four villages . Again, we were greeted with hospitality and enthusiasm. The communities are very willing to participate in our program which is a positive start. I look forward to our next visits when will start our disease surveillance and community interviews.
I am adjusting to the heat and the new culture. Being surrounded by friendly faces and warm welcomes has eased the transition. We face many challenges in these next three months but I am certain the outcomes will be positive. Everyday new barriers are overcome and progression is made. I am excited to see what these next few weeks have in store!

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